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Vitamin C – An Aid for Canker Sores

Admit it, a lot of us are not healthy eaters. Unhealthy eating habits lead to vitamin deficiencies making our bodies susceptible to a wide array of medical conditions, be they mild or severe.

In this recent post, it was pointed out how Vitamin C can aid with the healing of canker sores or mouth ulcers, and how the deficiency of such vitamin can make a person more prone to acquiring canker sores. How does Vitamin C help with healing canker sores? As this study from NCBI suggests, Vitamin C works to heal your mouth’s mucous membranes. However, be mindful that food sources of Vitamin C (such as citrus fruits) can actually worsen your canker sores. Acidic fruits and vegetable can cause stress on the tissues in the mouth and can aggravate any existing oral lesions.

So you need Vitamin C to help heal your mouth ulcers but can’t take Vitamin C rich foods as they may worsen your mouth’s condition, ironic but that leads to a plain alternative – Vitamin C supplements.

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